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Whole Body CPR (Male/Female)

  • Clearly anatomic characteristic, realistic touch feeling and lifelike skin color, vivid appearance
  • Simulate vital signs (a)Pupil state: contrast observation of pupils, one is dilated, the other one is contracted (b) Carotid artery response: simulate carotid artery pulse
  • Can perform artificial breathing and external cardiac compression
  • Electronic monitoring of compression site
  • Indicators show inflation volume, correct inflation volume: 800-1200ml (a)Insufficient inflation volume, yellow indicator (b)Proper inflation volume, green indicator (c)Excessive inflation volume, red indicator
  • Indicators show compression depth: correct compression depth: 4-5cm (a)Insufficient compression depth, yellow indicator (b)Proper compression depth, green indicator (c)Excessive compression depth, red indicator
  • Voice Prompt
  • Operation rate: ≥100 times/min
  • Operation cycle: 2 valid inflation after 30 valid compression, 5 cycles
  • Set the operating time, values in seconds
  • Result Printing: XC-406-2/XC-406-5