Siddharth Labglass & Equipment Works

Pipette Filling Device

  • It has a Universal Silicon Adapter, with internal knurling, that can easily accommodate pipettes from 1 ml to 100 ml and hold them firmly during liquid handling operations.
  • Red LED flash denotes ‘low battery’ and green LED flash denotes ‘charging’.
  • The instrument offers Dual Dispensing Mode with the help of a Single Knob.
  • Press the knob fully for dispensing at maximum speed. This mode engages the motor.
  • It has a comfortable grip and exhibits high ease of use.
  • The instrument offers continuous pump speed adjustment during liquid handling operations.
  • The Collet Assembly and the 0.2 microns In-line Membrane Filter, contained within it, are fully Autoclavable at 121°C temperature and 15 psi for a duration of 10-15 minutes.
Type Grey Body- Grey Collect and Plunger, Grey Body-Red Collect and Plunger, Grey Body- Blue Collect and Plunger, Grey Body- Violet Collect and Plunger