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PCR Thermal Cycler

Adjustable Pressure Hot Lid, to prevent Volatilizing and Dewing

Hot Lid with Pressure Alarm Device, to prevent damaging Test Tube by too much Pressure

Convenient and Flexible module replacement mode

Innovative module wire socket design achieves module replacement without wire

The unique left-right design for amplification area and operating area makes operator more convenient and safer

Temp Range : 4°C~99.9°C

Accuracy : ≤±0.2.5°C/s

Max program Unit : 9

Max Cycle No . : 9

Max.No.of Cycle : 99 Display : 4.3’LCD

Temp Fluctuation : ≤±0.1°C

Capacity : 64×0.2ml(A),36×0.5ml(B)

Max.Cooling Ramp Rate : 2.5°C/s

Uniformity ≤±0.3°C ( 20-72°C , ≤±0.5°C ( 95°C)

Max Constant Temperature Time : 59m59s Max.Heating Ramp Rate : 2.5°C/s
Temp Display Accuracy : 0.1°C

Max Constant Temperature : Preservation Time 99h59m
Online Installation/ Demonstration Provide Free of Cost

Demonstration / Installation Video CD are Provide at Free of Cost