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Microprocessor Single Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer With Scanning Software

1 Unique Optical System, 1200 lines/mm grating and imported receiver to ensure its sound performance

2 The Instrument has PC connectivity Software expands the capabilities of the Instrument includes Photometric
Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Spectral Scanning, Kinetics, DNA/Protein Analysis, Multi-Wavelength Test etc

3. Adopts 51 Microcomputer System, and Store 200 test Data and 100 Standard Curves

4. Plug type Deuterium Lamp and Tungsten Lamp transfer Light without Optics Debugging

The Wavelength Range 190 – 1100 nm

Wavelength Selection by Numeric Keypad

Spectral Bandwidth 2nm

We Can Save 50 Groups Of Curve Equation

Auto Setting Wavelength, Auto zero and blank

Tungsten Lamp & Deuterium Lamp can be turned on/off individually

Choice of 3 Pin Power Cord / Dust Cover Supplied

Three Stages of Quality Check before Dispatch

Online Installation/ Demonstration Provide free of cost

Demonstration / Installation Video CD are Provide at Free of Cost