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“HANKER” Mono Quartz Distiller (Horizontal) : Designed for reliable continuous operation, easy use, safe to operate. Comprises of Horizontal Quartz Boiler. Borosilicate/Quartz condenser detachable side constant level device, replaceable silica, sheathed heater/heaters, mounted of epoxy coated sheet metal stand, supplied with safety cutoff device, cord & plugs etc.

Product        :    Pyrogen free water,
Conductivity :   0.5 – 1.0mS/cm (Quartz), 1.0–1.5ms/cm (Borosilicate)

Cat. No.      Condense Material  Approx. Output Wattage Price / Piece (Rs.)
Borosilicate 2 ltr./hr. 1.65 KW
Quartz 2 ltr./hr. 1.65 KW
Borosilicate 4 ltr./hr. 3.3 KW
Quartz 4 ltr./hr. 3.3 KW