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Spectral Range : 7800 to 350 cm-1

Resolution : Better than 0.85cm-1 Wave Number Precision :±0.01cm-1

Scanning Speed : 5-Step Adjustable for different Applications

better than 15,000 :1 (RMS value, at 2100cm-1)

Signal to Noise Ratio : Resolution: 4cm-1detector:DTGS, 1 minute Data Collection

Beam Splitter : Ge Coated KBr

Infrared Source : Air-Cooled, High Efficiency Reflex Sphere Module

Detector : DTGS

Data system – Compatible Computer

Software : FT-IR Software contains all routines needed for basic Spectrometer Operations, including Library Search Quantitation and Spectrum (Imported)

IR Library : 11 IR Libraries included
Dimensions : 54x52x26cm
Weight : 28kg
hoice of 3 Pin Power Cord