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Fluorescence Spectrophotometer LI-4100

Two Mode could be chosen: Fluorescence Intensity and Luminous Intensity Fluorescence Scanning, Kinetic determination and quantity analysis could be done under Fluorescence Intensity Mode

365nm exciting Wavelength Raman peak of water in 1 cm quartz Fluorescence Cuvette S/N≥150 High Performance Sensitivity Simplifies the Measurement of Low Detective Sample

High stable and long life 150W Xenon Lamp and Power source ensure high stable Testing and wide Range of Spectrum

The normalized feature for Fluorescence value could make different Fluorescence’s result comparable

Optional accessories for different measurement, including single hole cell holder, fluorescence sample holder for different features, membrane sample accessories, powder sample accessories, jacket sample accessories and etc.

Online Installation/ Demonstration Provide Free of Cost

Demonstration / Installation Video CD are Provide at Free of Cost


Light Source Hamamatsu 150W Xenon Lamp
Exciting Optical Filters Interference Optical Filter
Emission Monochromator C-T Diffraction Rating
Emission Wavelength 200~900nm
Detection Limit 10nm
Sensitivity S/N≥150(P-P)
Linear ≥0.995
Stability Better than 1.5%/10min
Power 220V±22V 50Hz ±1Hz
Response Time (0.1-4)s 6 Stages Adjustable
Fluorescence Display Value 0.00-600.00
Data transmission USB2.0

Choice of 3 Pin Power Cord / Dust Cover Supplied Three Stages of Quality Check before Dispatch