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Fluorescence Spectrophotometer LI-4000

Excitation Light Source High Brightness LED
Excitation LED 250nm ~ 600nm(LED)
EX Wavelength Standard set: 365nm,376nm,392nm,405nm
Emission Monochromator C-T configuration diffraction grating monochromator Emission
Wavelength range (EM): 200nm~650nm, Bandwidth: 10nm
(Extend the Monochromator to Em200-900 is Optional) Emission Wavelength Accuracy: ± 1nm
Emission Wavelength Reproducibility:≤0.5nm
S/N Ratio S/N≥90 (Using 1cm Quartz Sample Cell, Measure the Signal Noise Ratio of Raman Spectrum of Water )
Detection Limit 1×10-10g / ml Quinine Sulfate Solution

Dimensions442 x 392 x 250 (mm)

Linearity (γ) ≥0.995
Repetitive Peak Intensity ≤1.5%
Zero Drift ≤0.3(within 10min)
Upper Limit Change of Indicating Value ≤1.5% (Within 10 minutes) (Displaying value≥50
Power Type 220V±22V; 110V±22V
Weight Net Weight 10kg Gross Weight 12kg

Choice Of 3 Pin Power Cord / Dust Cover Supplied

Three Stages of Quality Check before Dispatch

Online Installation/ Demonstration Provide Free of Cost

Demonstration / Installation Video CD are Provide at Free of Cost