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Bottle Top Dispenser with Recirculation Valve and Springless Valve

An electronic pipette filling equipment, is a simple yet powerful blend of sophisticated features and functionality. It offers single knob dual Dispensing mode. It helps in performing sensitive operations with high precision, accuracy and reliability in practical laboratory environments.

Volume Range 0.25-2.5ml, 0.5-5ml, 1-10ml, 2.5-30ml, 5-60ml, 10-100ml
Increment 0.05ml, 0.1ml, 0.2ml, 0.5ml, 1.0ml, 2.0ml
Accuracy ±% 0.6
Accuracy ± ml 0.015, 0.030, 0.060, 0.180, 0.360, 0.600
CV ±% 0.2
CV ± ml 0.005, 0.010, 0.020, 0.060, 0.120, 0.200