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All Quartz Double Distillation Unit

Cat. No. Material

& Stage



Wattage Price / Piece


All Quartz Double 1.5 lt./Hr. 3 KW
All Quartz Double 2.5 lt./Hr. 5 KW
Lower Boiler 1.5 lt/Hr 1.5KW
Lower Boiler 2.5 lt/Hr 2.5KW

“HANKER” All Quartz Double Distillation Unit is made from imported fused quartz tubes. The high chemical purity and low solubility of quartz tubing enables the production of high purity distilled water. The unit comprises of two parts : Lower Boiler with built-in spiral heater, cup shaped joint on top and constant level device. Upper Boiler provided with built-in spiral heater. It also has double walled condensing unit which ensures separate condensation of vapors from both the boilers. This portion also has a ball shaped joint which rests on the cup of the lower boiler. The whole unit is mounted on epoxy coated sheet metal stand with electrical fittings. Supplied with safety cut-off device.