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Laboratory Glassware Suppliers in India

Laboratory Glassware Suppliers in India:- Laboratory Glass equipment is widely popular in the field of scientific work. Almost every form of chemical and biological analysis requires laboratory glassware equipment. One of the most used forms of glasses in laboratories is Borosilicate glasses. Glasses are translucent, necessary for numerous substances and research purposes, and are prevalent in chemistry, biology, and analytical laboratoriesLaboratory Glassware Suppliers in India play a significant role in providing well-equipped laboratory glassware to ensure the smooth operation of research in all kinds of laboratories, such as biological, chemical, or analytical laboratories.

Hankers Scientific is one of the leading Laboratory Glassware Suppliers in India that understands the needs of our customers to meet their requirements effectively and efficiently. We provide a wide range of available glassware equipment depending on the multiple purposes for which the equipment is used.

Our glass equipment is made with:

  1. Unmatched corrosion resistance
  2. Halogens like bromine and chlorine
  3. Numerous acids such as sulphuric acids, nitric acids, and hydrochloric acid
  4. Organic materials such as alkaline combinations and salty solutions

Being a top-notch Laboratory Glassware Suppliers, we offer premium quality glassware equipment that includes the ranges as follows:

  • 2, 3, 4 neck round bottom flasks

These products are used in biochemical and chemical laboratories. It is designed as a spherical bottom having 2, 3, or 4 rounded necks that are tabular in shape. These are used in uniform heating and boiling of the liquid in laboratories to perform the experiments efficiently.

  • Adapter cone to rubber tubing

This product is designed with premium quality borosilicate glass. It is specifically used in transferring liquid from one container to another, ensuring safety and security.

The range of products includes:

  1. 2 Neck Round Bottom Flask
  2. 3 Neck Round Bottom Flask
  3. 4 Neck Round Bottom Flask
  4. Adapter Cone To Rubber Tubing
  5. Adapter Cone With Stem
  6. Air Condenser
  7. Allihn Condenser
  8. Automatic Burette
  9. Beaker Low Form
  10. Beaker Tall Form

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