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Clean Air Equipment Manufacturer In India

Clean Air Equipment Manufacturer In India:- Clean air is required by all of us, as breathing is an ordinary and yet necessary activity for every human being to stay alive. Breathing the purified air full of harmful toxins in it makes the human being prone to various serious diseases such as lung cancer, respiratory tract infections, heart diseases and many more. So, all of us must breathe purified air. Clean air equipment manufacturers made this possible by designing clean air equipment that effectively removes all the dirt and impurities from the air.

We, Hanker Scientific, are one of the leading Laboratory Clean Air Equipment Manufacturers in India that guarantees a clean and hygienic environment for all the laboratories personnel. We offer the optimum quality products that enhance their performance for a better consumer experience. Our company aims to provide the best premium quality Laboratory clean air equipment for human safety that prevents air-borne contamination and hazardous substances that get clogged into the air.

Our clean air equipment is designed for:

  1. Filtering the indoor air
  2. Purifies the indoor environment
  3. Eliminates the pollutants from the air
  4. Removes the contaminants
  5. Alleviates dirt, smoke and allergens

As one of the best clean air equipment manufacturers, we present a wide range that includes:

  • Air shower

Air showers are specifically designed for cleaning and purifying the air purpose. It is made with steel or plastic that limits the particulate matter entry and exit in restricted laboratory conditions such as clean rooms.

  • Biosafety Cabinet 

 This bio contaminant equipment is designed to prevent biohazardous agents and provide a safe and healthy atmosphere. It is generally used in biology laboratories and filters both the intake and exhaust air; it aids in the quality control of the material being worked with.

List’s Of Are Equipment:-

  1. Air Shower
  2. Biosaftey Cabinets
  3. Fume Hood
  4. Hygiene Station
  5. Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
  6. Pass Box
  7. PCR Work Station
  8. Pharmacy Isolator
  9. Tissue Culture Rack

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