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Siddharth Labglas & Equipment Works

The scientific instrumentation industry has historically emerged as an essential platform for technological advancement to keep the world flourishing. In 2021, we, “Hanker” have evolved as a prominent Manufacturer, Trader, and Supplier of Scientific & Laboratory Equipment. The foundation of the company is built on the pillars of values and commitments to provide the best values to their clients. We provide a diverse product range covering a wide variety of sectors to fulfill the more diversified and advanced demand from all walks of our industrial society. Instruments for Research Laboratories, Colleges, and Schools, as well as other industries, Our product range includes Microscopes, Medical And Healthcare, Temperature Management Products, Civil Engineering Lab Products, Glassware Clean Air Equipment, and much more.

Our products are known for their accuracy, low maintenance, and a lot of other features that make them a preferred choice amongst consumers. Apart from that, we pay great attention to packaging and shipping the products so that they reach perfect condition at the client’s desired location. These all products are designed to meet the day-to-day challenges that scientists and researchers experience in various lab and field testing procedures.

We have expertise in manufacturing of specific products based on customer requirements and Contract Requirements in a variety of projects. This customization helps in obtaining and completing Educational and Science Lab Supplies projects successfully and timely. We use questionnaires and consumer feedback/recommendations regarding their purchases of our products and their performance. This helps us keep our customers while also adding new clientele to it on a routine basis.

Mr. Naman Jain

“Mr. Naman Jain”, founder of “Hanker” builds a consistent, trustworthy source for a wide range of scientific and laboratory instruments of the best quality. His good experience and extensive business travel across the world helped him to adopt the latest and best practices in industries to develop a competitive edge. His ethical working approach, and relentless efforts, as well as outstanding market knowledge, motivated us to earn the trust of our clients nationwide. Thanks to his work experience and in-depth research, our Scientific Industry had risen to new heights.

Why Us?

As a leading manufacturer of scientific and laboratory products, we believe in customer satisfaction, technical expertise, and application experience. Our added value is our expertise in selecting the appropriate products as per customer-specific demand.

Quality Assurance

“Hanker”, a professional company doesn’t accept any compromise on quality and strikes the perfect “balance” between the quality and the cost of products. With an extensive R&D for Designing & Manufacturing products and the continuously growing expertise of our team, we deliver high-quality services that meet industry standards. Each design is produced under strict quality control standards and is thoroughly tested on several factors for superior performance and durability, assuring precise output and perfect results.

Innovative Design Solutions

We bring innovative custom solutions for our customers. Our advanced manufacturing facility comprises integrated design, manufacture, inspection, long-term performance, and consistency, helping us to become a one-stop shop for scientific and laboratory solutions. Our established technology and design experience provide continued assistance for new product development, particularly for key applications and designs; also allow us to expand our portfolio with different and innovative designs each year.

Customer’s Delight

We provide maximum client satisfaction with a client-centric approach by making every effort to provide safe and excellent solutions. Collaboration with our customers and employees is an important part of our approach for continuous improvement. Our in-house R&D department assists clients in developing the items they demand. We constantly do our best to provide our respectable clients with high-quality products and timely – after-sales – assistance.

Professional Team

Hanker comprises a team of highly motivated, disciplined, and experienced employees, engineers, and executives that strive to develop cutting-edge solutions in scientific and educational domains. From the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the final product, our team follows all industry standards. All this support us in developing a high-quality variety of lab equipment supplies within the stipulated time frame with more efficiency.

Hanker’s mission is to support the long-term development of a more affluent human society by providing innovative products of the highest quality and flawless services.

To work diligently, as per our “value system” while maintaining the highest ethical standards, and to become a well-known and respected scientific company.

  • Application of advanced technical standards 
  • Continuous research and development
  • Continual technological upgrade
  • Maintaining a positive work environment
  • Provide Customize solutions to our customers
  • Timely delivery of all customer orders